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11 April 2019 - 12 April 2019
Potsdam, Germany
Biobased Barcamp - 3rd Biobased Economy Conference

What is a barcamp?

Your contribution is what makes a barcamp. The word “bar” comes from the programming world and is a variable for “anything”. In our case, bar equals biobased. The idea is to share what you know, to learn from others, to discuss the topics most relevant to you and to connect to other people. You’re welcome to join when you have something to contribute to the development of the bioeconomy.  

The motto is: no spectators – only participants!

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What will happen?

The day starts with an introductory session. Everyone says their first name, their institution and three “hashtags” connected to their work, which can catch the attention of the other participants. This is how you find out who else is around. 
You could also find out about that in advance on this website’s participants’ section. 

After that it is time to create the agenda for the day. Anyone now gets the opportunity to pitch their session. It is wise to prepare in advance but you’re welcome to be spontaneous and present what comes to your mind that day. Click on Marketplace to find out what your colleagues are interested in presenting our finding out. The other participants will raise their hands to declare their interest in what you’re saying. If they do, you get your session. If not, well, another time then.

A session – how and what?

A session takes 45 minutes and 15-minute breaks are scheduled between sessions. Your job as the session owner is to present your input in the first 10-15 minutes of your session. Your job as participant is to then join in and contribute your thoughts, ideas, doubts or criticism. Four to five sessions take place at the same time so you will have to make up your mind which one to join.

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What you could talk about

You could

  • present an example of how to create business from green research
  • present your newly developed biobased product and get a peer-review on that
  • discuss a best case example of…
  • prepare a workshop on a bioeconomy issue you’re stuck with
  • create a discussion about a bioeconomy topic that has long been on your mind
  • present a project idea that you would like to advance together with others

Sounds difficult?

Join the warm up on April 11, to practice your pitch and get to know some of the barcamp’s participants.

Our extra: an organized matchmaking

On April 11, as part of the warm up, we provide the opportunity for pre-scheduled one-to-one conversations. Sounds good? In the participants’ section you can directly contact everyone registered to declare your interest in meeting them. We will create a meeting schedule for you.


Closed since 10 April 2019


Villa Bergmann, Potsdam -- Please note: The venue is not accessible for wheelchairs!

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Austria 1
Belgium 1
Germany 71
Italy 2
Lithuania 1
Netherlands 1
Poland 2
Spain 1
United Kingdom 1
Total 81


Small and medium-sized enterprise 13
Start-up 4
Industry 2
University 19
R&D Institution 12
Association/Agency 13
Authority/Government 5
Other 13
Total 81